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Supports 3DS, 3DS XL(LL), DSi, DSi XL(LL), DS Lite and DS.
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Do not need any of settings, open the package, insert the card into your DS, you can enjoy hundreds of games.


Our Multi-game Card is compatible with all DS series consoles, it supports 3DS, 3DS XL (LL), DSi, DSi XL (LL), DS Lite and DS.


Our Multi-game Card can upgrade via PC or DS console, so as to ensure that it can compatible with the latest 3DS and DSi.


News of Super Multi-game Card.

Nintendo has updated 3ds firmware to v7.2.0-17

May 13, 2014

Changes in System Software

Added e-mail support to Parental Controls, allowing parents that have forgotten their PIN to send themselves an e-mail with instructions on unlocking Parental Controls.

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Our Multi-game Cards Supports Nintendo 3DS Ver. 7.2.0-17

The second generation multi-game card has been launched


The wait is over! Our second generation multi-game card has been launched, compared to the first generation, the second generation of multi-game card has the following important improvements:

  • ① Multi-game Card can be upgraded via USB UPDATER;
  • ② Multi-game Card can be upgraded via DS console;
  • ③ Improved GUI, speed up to find a game;
  • ④ Optimized kernel, the game runs faster than before;
  • ⑤ Support Action Replay cheat.

>> Click here for more detail about the USB UPDATER >>

Below is our 1st generation multi-game card

1st generation multi-game card


Super Multi-game Card Firmware Updates.
Downloads for PC upgrading Downloads for DS upgrading

Downloads for PC upgrading

August 5, 2013

This new firmware is for 3DS Ver. 6.2.0-12.

3DS Ver. 6.2.0-12 download

Downloads for DS upgrading

August 5, 2013

This new firmware is for 3DS Ver. 6.2.0-12.

3DS Ver. 6.2.0-12 download


E-series [16G] / F-series [32G] / V-series [64G].


E01 180-in-1

Game Listing


E02 216-in-1

Game Listing



for Distributor


F01 067-in-1

Game Listing


F02 280-in-1

Game Listing


F03 288-in-1

Game Listing


F04 335-in-1

Game Listing


F05 366-in-1

Game Listing


V01 350-in-1

Game Listing


V02 360-in-1

Game Listing


V03 587-in-1

Game Listing

USB UPDATER for Multi-game Card


The USB Updater is enable you to update your multi-game card on a PC directly with this device, it also supports back up and restore of 3DS save data, which can be read, saved smoothly as a file on your computer, and write it back to your 3DS card as well.

USB UPDATER for Multi-game Card


  • ① Update multi-game card directly on PC.
  • ② Back up and restore of 3DS save data.

USB UPDATER for Multi-game Card

USB UPDATER for Multi-game Card

USB UPDATER for Multi-game Card


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I upgrade my DS Console when I use your multi-game cards?

Yes, you can upgrade your DS Console, but you must check here if we have released the corresponding upgrade patch.

Are all games on the NDS multi-game card in English?

Yes, English is the basic language of all the games, but many games do have multiple languages selection.

Can I choose my own list of games in the multi-game card?

No. The games in the cartridge cannot be changed, added or deleted, just like the normal single game cartridge.

Do you provide Customized Service?

Yes, we provide Customized Service for wholesale customers, you can choose your own game listing for multi-game card.

Are the games the same quality as on the single DS card?

Yes, playability and quality is exacly identical to the single DS card, it also support multiplayer version.

Do the games save my progress?

Yes, all the games save as they intend to.

Are all the games full version games or just demos?

All the games in the multi-game card are full version of DS games, they are not demo or simplify version of the games.

Will these games damage my DS?

No, the games play the same like the single game card. The multi-game card itself is made to perfectly fit the slot on the DS and does no damage.

Can the multi-game card support multiplayer games?

Yes, you can play multiplayer games with other consoles.